Your teacher may invite you to their classroom in several different ways:

  • Sharing a link for an assignment, that when you receive for the first time will prompt you to sign in or create a free account.
  • Sending you an invitation email
  • Providing a code in class while you are using a computer or tablet that you can enter into your existing account.
Once your teacher invites you to a classroom, create your free student account to access your assignments:


1. Go to the link your teacher gave you. If you need to enter a class code, go ahead and do that. If you see an option to sign in with Google, you may do so.

                    2. Complete your registration by entering your name, email, and password. Click “Create Your Account”. 


3. Go to your Dashboard, where you will see your assignments from your teacher. Click on a lesson to watch the video and take the comprehension quiz. Your teacher will see your first quiz score, your best score, and the number of times you attempted it.